The mission and purpose of the Decatur Chapel Missions Program is to use all means at our disposal to take the gospel to the unsaved at home and abroad. The command to give the gospel to the world is clear and unmistakable.  The Lord Jesus Christ gave this Commission to the churches.

We believe that one of the reasons for God’s blessings on our church is because of our interest and concern for missions and missionaries around the world.  We are privileged to have some great missionaries from our own chruch serving the Lord around the world.   It seems that the blessings of the Lord are never more evident upon a minsitry than when it is focusing upon others.

Our method for giving to missions is through Faith Promise Missions.  Faith Promise Missions giving enriches the life of the giver.  It stretches their lives past former bounderies and provides a spiritual environment in our church that the Holy Spirit uses to call many from our church family into the needy fields of the earth

Decatur Chapel supports 28 missionaries and mission projects.   We are praying the God will increase the support we are able to provide these wonderful servants of God and allow us to be a blessing to increasingly more missionaries for His glory.

Home Missions
Christian Law Association
Heritage Baptist College, Franklin, IN
Al Sligh- BIMI
Women’s Care Center, Parkersburg, WV

Foreign Missions
Paul & Debbie Deem – DirectLine Ministry
Paul & Marla Fields – Paraguay
Rodney & Cathy Fitzsimmons – Haiti
Dennis & Ruth Flower 
– Elche, Spain
Lewis & Shirley Guthrie – Retired, SC
Terry & Kay Jones – BIMI, Central America Director
Markos & Stephanie Lindsey – Huancayo, Peru
Allen & Haggit Lord – Jerusalem, Israel
Larry & Diane Stikeleather – Rock of Ages Ministries
Peter & Mary Mucher – Ukraine
Juan Carlos & Susana Sánchez – Ecaudor
Ron & Christina Self – Argentina
Ted & Dawn Snyder – Honduras
David & Marsha West – Canada

Frontier Missions
David & Diane Carney – Titus International
Alan & Kathy Hart – Baptist Training Center, Mozambique
Todd & Jodi Holland –  NW Canada Territory
Micheal & Lynette Joseph – Papua New Guinea
Peter & Lois Mwangangi – Machakos, Kenya
Mark & Tammy Siekbert – 10 / 40 Window: First Bible Int.
Mawuli & Stella Togbi-Wonyo – Togo, West Africa
Jojo & Leticia Zipagan – Cambodia